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Northwestern University

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Shazia Ghazi

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Work Rights:
  • Australian Citizen
  • Australia
  • English


  • Macquarie University - Bachelor in Psychology
    Graduation date:
    • Psychology
    Degree Level:
  • Northwestern University - Masters in Education
    Graduation date:
    • Education
    Degree Level:


  • Company Name:
    Mentor at Centre for Hope
    Start - End Dates:

    - Mentor for socially and behaviourally challenged secondary students at Marrickville High School\r\n- Encouraged empowerment of disadvantaged young Australians\r\n- Encouraged pro-social behaviour and self respect\r\n- Help to create an autonomous approach towards academic and life planning\r\n- Encouraged self awareness and reflection \r\n- Discussed ways to combat relevant issues to students such as bullying and breaking rules within group work and one-on-one sessions\r\n- Help to create a positive attitude in order to boost self-esteem

  • Company Name:
    Childcare educator at Rainbow Child Care Centre
    Start - End Dates:

    - Strong exposure to issues and management to children\u2019s pedagogy and development, as well as academic needs in an educational context\r\n- Work as a member in co-operative team in order to provide an appropriate educational program for the group/groups of children within the service. \r\n- Assist the Early Childhood Teacher with planning and creating new activities based on the Early Years Learning Framework\r\n- Responsible for the coordination of a children group time activities throughout the day\r\n- Help to create activities to meet children\u2019s needs such as with special needs\u2019 children\r\n- Recorded observations in conjunction with centre\u2019s day plan to provide feedback for parents and personal development of understanding children\u2019s growth


  • 0-10 years experience in microsoft office

    - Word\r\n- Excel\r\n- Powerpoint

Interest & Hobbies

  • 1. travelling

    I feel inspired to explore different parts of the world; to appreciate and embrace different cultures, history, architecture, traditions and languages - to embrace the fact that we are citizens of the world.

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