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What Do Our Participants Say?

Project Everest Ventures

Alex Ng – Timor-Leste

“The personal development I went through in this 1 month cannot be described in words. I left the project with more confidence and better interpersonal skills. I highly recommended this to anyone who is interested in self development and highly motivated to create positive social impact.”

Tanushree Thapa – Fiji

“My trekking experience with Project Everest has been nothing short of enlightening. I was surrounded by motivated trekkers and leaders fully committed to our goals and the betterment of the community around us. It was very heartening to see the emphasis that is placed upon empathizing and remaining transparent with the people in Fiji, ensuring that we're truly doing something that is needed.

Being a trekker has taught me strong work ethics, a need to live by the values that I preach, and has only increased my passion for sustainable development. Taking an internship with Project Everest if you want to travel, learn about building a business that is rooted in making a positive social impact - you'll grow in ways you never imagined!!”

Cian Murphy  – Malawi

"Coming into June I had little to no idea what I'd be doing in Malawi for the next two months of my life, and was unsure of whether it was the right decision, or if I'd just been tricked by an amazing salesman. However now that it's coming to the end of my trek I can say without any exaggeration it was the best decision I've ever made. The relationships I've built and the skills I've learned over the last 8 weeks will stick with me for life and I can't thank PEV enough for giving me this opportunity."

Steph Tan – Cambodia

“Genuinely one of the best experiences of my entire life. My decision to go on a Cambodian venture was rash and spontaneous, so I hadn't expected to develop as much as I did during my incredible month. I formed amazing relationships with absolutely wonderful people who I will always treasure. PE also hugely enhanced my public speaking and leadership skills, which continues to benefit my life significantly. It has given me newfound confidence to achieve more than I thought I could, and anyone else who embarks on a venture with PE could feel the same.”


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