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At Project Everest Ventures, our purpose is to solve the world’s social issues using lean social enterprise and tailored products and services. We recognise the importance of affordable, effective, sustainable and consistently available solutions for alleviating poverty across the globe, and so we work closely with local communities to achieve these outcomes. Our projects are aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, with the aim of enabling 1 billion people and creating a significant and beneficial social impact worldwide.

We also recognise the current employment challenges faced by university students and graduates at their own local level. Our students and leaders alike are enabled to challenge the limits of their traditional education by applying the skills and theory of the classroom to a range of real world, experiential applications. Students undertake an international internship with us for 4, 8 or 12 weeks to experience this development and skill application. These ventures are currently operating in Fiji, Timor Leste, Malawi and India. This not only allows students to personally contribute towards creating a social impact overseas, but each student additionally develops a strong foundation of unique, transdisciplinary experience to carry into any future career. As a young person, it is difficult to meaningfully engage at this stage of business development, especially with limited or no prior industry experience. Beyond our project development, we increase the employability of young people by arming them with opportunities at a scale unheard of, whilst they build their experience in a context that really matters.

Project Everest Ventures is a relatively young organisation, however over three years we have exponentially expanded to facilitate training, internships, and leadership and management certification for students and graduates across four continents and a range of disciplines. Even with this huge breadth, we highly value the passionate, talented, committed, and close-knit community we have built with our alumni.

We believe in breaking the cookie-cutter mould of university graduates, enabling you to put your existing skills to the test whilst learning new ones, building leaders and personal development, experiencing the growth of a socially beneficial business from a grassroots level, and feeling the profound transformation that comes from being raw, real, and taking a step off the beaten track.


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